Awards and Activities


Awards related to Computer and Technology

1st Prize in SIC (2019)

Samsung Innovation Campus (2019) is a 10-day camp learning about programming. IDEATHON is held at the end of the camp to let students apply their knowledge.

Silver Medal & Determination Award in TOI17 (2022)

17th Thailand Olympiad in Informatics is a competition about solving alogrithmic puzzle. This award allows me to be accepted to Chulalongkorn University with no exam

2nd Place in NITAD Hackathon (2022)

A Hackathon focusing on idea for innovations that solve the garbage problems in low-income community.

6th Stupid Hackathon in Thailand (2022), Most Aesthetically Pleasing Award winner

A Hackathon where you do anything you want without caring about anything. The awards are decided by voting


Activities related to Computer and Technology, ex. Joining Competition / Contest / Training Camp

IPST Camp 2.2 (2022)

IOI Training Camp to find representative of Thailand, made into the final selection round of 9 people

APIO 2022 Participant

IOI-Format contest but for Asia-Pacific, featuring very hard algorithmic problems

Code in the Wind (2022) Participant

Game Show for TailwindCSS users in Thailand

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