My Projects

Projects related to Programming and Technology I have done

“I have finished many programming courses online and have a pile of certificates from a variety of sites including Sololearn, DataCamp, but, to be honest, these things don't really matter to me. What matters is the work that was done using the knowledge I got from those courses.”

Featured GitHub Repositories

Some of Amazing projects I have done and is available on my individual GitHub Account

RTX 2090 TiFy

Meme maker as shown in the GIF, GUI C++ Program with wxWidgets and OpenCV

Anime Captcha

You may have seen Anime Captcha meme, I recreate that in website! available for you to try!

Leomotors Monorepo

Monorepo including my main homepage, resume and portfolio you may be seeing right now. And other scripts such as data scraper.

You are a Failure!

My first UWP Desktop C# App to fire up your motivation. Published to Microsoft Store

Golden Frame

Golden Frame "กรอบทอง" Generator. CLI App written in Python with OpenCV. My first package on PyPI

Simple RLC Calculator

Simple RLC Calculator with Visualization & GUI. Have used this during mid-term exam (not that useful lol), Made with pygame

My Portfolio

THIS Website you are seeing right now! Written in SvelteKit + TailwindCSS and no UI Framework

Mini Vector Calculator

My First ever project, CLI program written in C as my school project. Do what its name says

Terminal Video Player

Video player in terminal driven by ASCII Characters. RIP My Eyes, built with OpenCV and some audio libraries

Cocoa Discord Utils

A npm library I created to simplify creating complex discord bots with many slash commands, is used in all my discord bots

Salim Bot

My First Ever Discord Bot, useless but fun to play with! Currently *active* in my friend's server

Cocoa Grader

'Waifu Discord Bot' A Discord Bot that will grade your code just like normal grader. Using cocoa-discord-utils

Music Bot

An npm library that ships a Discord Music Bot that can stream and send some amazing embeds

Waifu Bot

Most advanced (or over-engineered?) discord bot. Has miscellanous feature and also is a music bot, Feature a full-stack web application.

For all of my repositories, you may visit my GitHub Account or this website

Other Big Projects

Some Big Projects I have spend lots of time with

CU Get Reg

Collaborated to CU Get Reg, the app to help plan enrolling courses in Chulalongkorn University. Used by most of Chulalongkorn Students because it is very useful app.

Food Busters

Participated in AIS Jump Thailand Hackathon, Our goal is to make innovation that reduces pollution from food wastes

Crack 'n' Code

Holding a programming competition with over 150 contestants

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